Ghost Train Gloves

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“Do but listen for a moment to the wind in this unnatural valley while we speak so low”
(The Signalman – Dickens)

Craft: Knitting
Difficuly: 3/10

The straight rib and twisting cable design of these gloves inspired the title and theme of this pattern. Pattern contains full written pattern for:

  • knitting gloves in the round (added 9june2011)
  • knitting gloves flat

I have used various 8-12ply yarns with this pattern and as the gloves are ribbed to stretch and fit your hand/wrist any wool of your choosing should work. Pattern contains instructions on how to enlarge

5mm knitting needles (straight, circ or dpn, whichever you prefer) 
A cable needle (or double pointed needle or crochet hook)

Skills needed 
You will want to be confident in knit and purl before starting this pattern. It should be possible to learn the rest on the go. Links to videos showing these stitches are provided for if you have any having trouble

  • cast on
  • knit
  • purl
  • decrease
  • knit into the back of a stitch
  • slip sts onto a cable needle, and knit them off again
  • working around a magic loop (for the circular version of the pattern)

Train tunnel image credit: aresauburn on Flickr

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