Quick birthday creature creation

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

I realised the other day that it was my housemates birthday and that I only had an hour left to make her something. This was what i came up with:
01. magic circle of 6
02. inc all = 12, place a row marker
03. *inc1, sc1* repeat to row end
04. *inc1, sc1* repeat to row end
05. *inc1, sc5* repeat to row end
06. sc 1 row
07. sc 1 row
08. sc 1 row
09. *dec1, sc5* repeat to row end
10. *dec1, sc3* repeat to row end
11. *dec1, sc1* repeat to row end
(stuff carefully with rice)
12. dec all
13. dec all, till end
cut yarn leaving a long tail and pull yarn through remaining loop

Feet (make two)
1. chain 2
2. inc all = 4
3. *inc, cr4* rpt = 5
4. cr 1 row
5. *inc3 in one stitch, slip1* rpt = 11
6. tie off & sew to body

Add a little plaited sprout of hair to the top, sew on some eyes & he is done :)

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