Choc-mint illusion Dalek

Saturday, July 10, 2010

At home today celebrating my mum and brother's birthdays - Here are the two crafty gifts I made for my brother this year :)

He likes to spend late nights on the computer so needed some typing gloves to keep his hands warm. Working out how to make 'boy size' gloves was much harder than matching my own hands. Had to keep recruiting boys to try them on as I went. Used up lots more wool than normal too! Used rib as a way to adjust for slightly unknown size and I like how they came out.

And the much bigger project - my Choc-mint Dalek!

This was made with the technique illusion knitting, which allows you to create an image that is only seen from certain angles. This free [2011 update: now £1] pattern was created by Woolly Thoughts and you can find some other illusion patterns there including David Tennant, Mona Lisa and various Harry Potter characters (definitely worth a look!).
(view Dalek pattern on ravelry)

I found the design created a great effect, but required a lot of concentration to follow the chart - which for a person like me who is always jumping on and off trains was difficult and not very enjoyable - but that's from a person whose passion is the making up of new patterns rather than the actual knitting of them.

Another illusion knit I love the idea of is slippedstitch's Wonderland Socks which if I ever decide to knit socks will be the first place I go.

Was also doing some cleaning of my room so that mum can have a bit more space without all my childhood stuff cluttering up my room, and I found my first attempt at knitting from when I was about ten ^_^

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