Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday wonders - wrightales' mobius mitts

I love to see new mobius mitts appear - particularly when they are made from interesting yarns.

Wrightales (view on Ravelry) used a wool/bamboo combination for this pair of mitts - the edging is Plymouth Yarn Royal Bamboo Italian Collection (100% bamboo). I think they're lovely :)

Read more about the Mobius Mitts crochet pattern


genvy87 said...

So I'm trying to find a pattern for this set of möbius mitts. Can't seem to find one. I only seem to find one and it's different.

PixelatedMushroom said...

@genvy87 Hello,

Just pop over to my patterns page:

It's the Mobius Mitts v1 crochet pattern :)

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