Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Have dropped behind in the last months, but hope to catch up on my blog, even if just for a record of projects completed over the years.

Amelia by Laura Chau (Knitty | Ravelry)

Amelia is a free pattern on Knitty, and I first heard about the pattern on the Stash and Burn podcast archive where it was mentioned as one of their most practical knits. Compared to two previous sweaters that I made out of somewhat 'primary' colours (Owls, Tubey) and which didn't really turn out to be practical knits for our weather here in Melbourne except at home, I was much happier with this one.
Since I finished this project in July 2012 it has pilled a little, but I haven't found much yarn that doesn't pill, which makes these large projects a less tempting unfortunately.

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