Wednesday wonders - Emily's cuddly dolls

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Eep ^_^ look at Emily's wonderful creations!
I have been chatting to Emily for a while now and she's made so many amazing plushies. Her dolls have been taken to many exciting locations and have even met some famous people! here and here . Thanks Emily for sending me stories of the plushies' adventures :)

Jack and David
Much love goes into each plushie, and the hair 'wig technique' is the most amazing taking up to 4 hours: "I wrap a bunch of yarn around my hand (for the DT dolls, for the Jack ones I just use three fingers since his hair is shorter) and snip it across the top to create a bunch of short (~ 8 1/2 inches/21 cm) strings. Then I weave one strand around one stitch, then secure it using a surgeons knot" 

She's even made a kilted cudly of David Tennant:

My base David Tennant and John Barrowman patterns are free downloads on the Patterns Page and you may soon be able to download the pattern for the kilted cuddly as Emily is thinking of writing it up :)

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