Birthday fluff

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I got lots of lovely pressies for my bday this year!
Black Storm - BFL Superwash Yarn by Dyeforwool (even prettier in real life than the pic on the listing + with a cool pirate logo)
Sisters by SeaFindDesigns
I've always loved sea glass and this teeny tiny necklace was lovely

And because I've been drooling over Chrissy's Multnomah shawls for ages, I couldn't resist ordering some Socks that Rock (wish postage to Australia wasn't so expensive :( )

This one wasn't a birthday present, but it was still a present (thanks so much Tony!) I dyed it green (not very well because my hands and everything I touch goes completely blue every time I knit) and have started knitting a Cosette Wrap. This is the first pattern I have bought from my favourite podcaster Never Not Knitting

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