Spring Thaw Shawl

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Took me a while to photograph this one, and the pattern is hard to see so I have put the original pattern image down the bottom.
Pattern: Spring Thaw Shawl by Cheri McEwen
Yarn: Handspun from extremespinning's cloudy night merino bamboo top
This was probably my hardest knit so far - and I think the main reason for this was that the twistyness of my handspun made it very hard to see the emerging leaf pattern, unlike the other shawl I made with normal yarn.
I am very proud of this one though as it's the first big project I have spun the yarn for  ^_^
Unfortunately I'm still not very good at checking how much yarn I need for a project, and it was particularly scary as I didn't notice that the edging required an even number of leaves along the centre spine - was planning to stop after 9 but had to make it 10 or rip back, so I ended up running out of yarn 5 rows short of the end and couldn't get more yarn as it was handspun :(

In my worry about yarn I also cast off too tightly and it looked curly after blocking, so I ripped out the last row and cast off again - much nicer now :)

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