On the selling of BBC based plushies

Saturday, December 03, 2011

As requests to sell items made from my DrWho related patterns are becoming more common, I thought I'd do a short post on this topic.

I have also hopefully made the copyright notice more clear on the patterns than it was initially, so if you were unsure, please read this post to find out more.

The BBC has made its position known in respect to commercial selling of creations based on their trademarks. They are generally happy for people to make items for themselves and for friends etc., but they are not happy with people using patterns to create items that are going to be sold.

Infringement notices have been issued to remove patterns from which commercial items have been made, so by asking people to keep items made from my Doctor Who patterns non-commercial I am hoping that the patterns will be allowed to stay online for everyone to use. Please help me keep these patterns available by respecting the terms.

If you have any more questions feel free to contact me.

This post applies not only to Doctor Who but to other fan items based on trademarks.

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  1. Let me begin by saying that I love reading your blog and that your free patterns are an added bonus. I cannot believe that some people would even dream of selling things made from someone else's pattern without permission, let alone actually do it. It is disgraceful. You have always stated that the patterns are free for personal use, and I think it is unfair to say the least that people treat your kind heartedness with so little compassion. I hope the BBC chases them and not you, since you have done your best to prevent the situation from occurring. That is just my humble opinion. Even if you are no longer able to share free patterns, I will still read your blog, because it's fun and interesting. Not all of us are evil money-grabbing sods!

  2. @craftgirl78 hello :) thanks for your kind words - very happy to know you're enjoying reading along ^_^

    Most people are wonderfully understanding, I've been so happy to receive many kind emails showing me pics of lovely personal creations.

    Crafters have also been in contact to ask whether they can sell items, which I can sometimes say yes to where there are no trademark/copyright issues and where its not something I am using in my own etsy shop.

    It's been very rare where people haven't asked, and again after I request them to be removed most people have been gracious in taking things down (I just hate having to ask).

    Hopefully this blog post will be a good reference point that I can point people to when they enquire about selling fan items.

    Thanks again for reading along with my crafty journeys!