Black mingled yarns

Friday, January 27, 2012

A yarn dyeing adventure with Slightly Squiffled equals the teal/black I had been wanting to make for ages!

It turned out more speckled than I'd hoped, but i hope to have another play one day and make a darker more blended version with thinner yarn.
And I also made some blue-y black
And she gave me this yarn, as she was less fond of the colour, but I think it's awesome, what do you think?

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  1. Nice work on the dyeing. I'm glad you've discovered the fun of the dye-pot. Can I suggest that if you want the teal/black a bit more even, you overdye it with teal - just mix some dye in a pot, and dunk the whole skein. (Leave it in till the colour is exhausted, of course).

  2. Oh that sounds like a good plan - I'll have a think about whether I'm happy with the brightness of this one as is, and if not I'll definitely try it :)

    Otherwise I'll get some more yarn and have another go at making a darker one

    Just need to get myself some black dye, I only have blue and purple myself :p

  3. I'm guessing that collection will soon increase. I now find it hard to walk past my preferred dealer without slipping in for a little colour fix. After all, you never know... LOL.

  4. hehe yes I could see that happening, although i don't think there's anywhere close by that I can get dye. I'll have to investigate!