Teals, purples and greens

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Not the most stylish photography today, but it was very tricky to capture the blended colours of the yarns I dyed last weekend without a spiffy camera. 

Pretty happy with these two, but still finding a slight added stickyness to the yarn after dyeing which makes me sad


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  1. Lovely colourways. The stickiness sounds like the yarn is felting ever so slightly. I find it's important to be reallllly careful to heat and cool the yarn very gradually, and to handle it super-gently when it's wet. Of course, it shouldn't matter if it's machine-washable, but sometimes it seems to anyway.

  2. I think the stickiness is still to do with the mordant (which unfortunately is part of the dye so I can't change the quantity). But yes - being very careful with the felting too! Seems to be going ok in that respect ^_^ haven't had any disasters yet

  3. What brand of dye are you using? I generally use Landscape dyes, and I haven't had any trouble with stickiness. It wouldn't have occured to me that the mordant might have that effect.

    Would it be worth trying a vinegar rinse to see if that helps?

  4. The black was landscape but the blue isn't - I'll give a rinse a a go :)