Mini Doctor Whos pattern - all eleven doctors

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Update June 2015 - Peter Capaldi and War Doctor have now been included in the pattern.

Hi everyone, exciting news today :)
I have rewritten and combined the existing mini doctor patterns into one, and added the missing Doctors 2, 6, 7 and 8 :)

Click cover to download PDF or here to view it on Ravelry
The pattern now contains a basic crochet pattern for the body, followed by an embellishments section for each Doctor.

Thank you to those who gave permission for images and advice to be used - it made this possible :)

For Ravelry members
You will find that projects that were originally added to a specific Doctor’s page have been merged into the one pattern. This is for ease of management and to help with browsing through all the wonderful and inventive projects.

I hope you enjoy the updated pattern and look forward to seeing what you create!

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  1. What an amazing thing to do Pixelated! So generous! Hugs and other stuff from Sydney....

  2. Downloaded! Can't wait to start hooking ;)

  3. Featured today on

    Thanks for a wonderful compilation!

  4. @MissKikkiKat Hello in return from Melb :) Thanks! Had lots of help from other crafters :) Lots of fun ^_^

    @Erin hooray! will look forward to seeing what you create ^_^

  5. @Lady Dragonsinger oh yay! Thanks so much for letting me know :D