Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Have dropped behind in the last months, but hope to catch up on my blog, even if just for a record of projects completed over the years.

Amelia by Laura Chau (Knitty | Ravelry)

Amelia is a free pattern on Knitty, and I first heard about the pattern on the Stash and Burn podcast archive where it was mentioned as one of their most practical knits. Compared to two previous sweaters that I made out of somewhat 'primary' colours (Owls, Tubey) and which didn't really turn out to be practical knits for our weather here in Melbourne except at home, I was much happier with this one.
Since I finished this project in July 2012 it has pilled a little, but I haven't found much yarn that doesn't pill, which makes these large projects a less tempting unfortunately.

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  1. I don't think the pilling is necessarily a bad thing. It makes the sweater look loved and used. As long as it's not the HUGE fluffballs that sometimes happen (my first sweater does the huge fluffball thing).

  2. Hehe, yup I think you're right. This one is only at the minor fluffball stage, still looking ok. Some of my handwarmers are mostly fluff though ;)