Fiber to yarn - turquoise, celadon and lavender

Sunday, January 12, 2014

This turquoise, celadon and lavender yarn started as milk fibre from moonlightandlaughter and has a little story behind it...

After favouring the fibre on Etsy, I returned to look at the listing many times over several months, hoping for a discount that would justify buying it. It was so shiny with interesting greens and browns (not colours I usually am attracted to).

The day I returned to find it sold was very sad, and wished I'd bought it while I had the chance.

Then one day before Christmas I was at my friend's house and I spotted some shiny green fibre tucked away on a shelf. She had bought the fibre for my Christmas present! (as a chance gift without even knowing how much I had wanted it).

I spun the fibre into singles then plied it with cotton in an attempt to keep the colour true to the original braid. The best way to do this seemed to be to hold the single tight and allow the cotton to wrap around it. I don't think I quite did justice to the original, but the colour is mostly reflected in the finished yarn.

The last part of this fibre's journey is to find the perfect project. It's been at least a year and I still haven't discovered what it wants to be...

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