Twin leaf Julissa

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Last night I cast off my twin leaf Julissa. This sweater project took around seven months, but I think this was partly due to it becoming a little too heavy to take on the train each day.

Knitting in progress.

I used the Julissa pattern as a base to help me learn how to construct top-down sweaters, then heavily customised it into a cardigan and replaced the front cable with a twin leaf lace pattern. This was perhaps a bit of a silly way to go about learning top down sweater construction (there being many other great patterns out there), but I'd heard such good things about this pattern that it tempted me to give it a go. I will likely make a true Julissa one day following the pattern properly.

While I'm blocking and photographing my Julissa I'm already looking for a new sweater project. I keep being drawn to tops worn over dresses (like Jetshin's beautiful sweaters), so here are some of the patterns I'm considering:

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