Free at last

Thursday, November 20, 2014

The last four subjects that make up my library Masters are now complete ^_^

Finishing these last few subjects while full-time working highlighted how much I enjoy my job, how lucky I am to have it, and how almost everything I do at work is more enjoyable than writing uni essays :p

I haven't received any formal documents yet but hopefully that part of things should go through smoothly. More time is available now for sleep(!) and for crafting ^_^ I can't say I'm using my time very effectively at the moment *cough Skyrim cough*, but I'm planning some new pattern writing soon.

My quest for a proper graduation hat is still unresolved, due to my first university having no-hats for undergrads, my second university holding their graduations in an unappealing massive stadium, and my third university holding their Graduations in Albury. I've resolved to make my own hat from paper to celebrate.

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