Dugong in Disguise

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Well here is my latest creation, Henry the Dugong. I am finally getting around to blogging about him.

Henry is named after Henry Tilney from Austen's Northanger Abbey (there is somewhat of a tradition of naming soft toys after Austen men in our share-house). We currently have Bingley the Sheep and Darcy the heart-shaped-pillow.

Anyway here he is:

And here is his story:
Henry the Dugong has lived a happy life floating on the tides and whiffling the sea grass around his blue home. But lately he has been dreaming of adventure. If only he was as swift and strong as a shark...

Using some splinters of wood found in a sunken ship, Henry quickly knitted up a jumper for himself, attaching a beautifully sculpted fin to the top so that anyone who saw him coming in the murky waters would think he was a shark!"

I will be making the pattern available in my etsy shop  free if anyone is interested in making one for yourself.

Oh, and the fin is removable so that if he gets to scary as a shark you can take it off and he will be a normal dugong again :)

A plushie Henry is available on etsy here :)

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