Waters of Mars and a new project

Friday, November 20, 2009

Am sad that I haven't got to writing some more blog posts recently, particularly after all the thoughtful comments on the giveaway page. I am enjoying reading everyone's thoughts and look forward to finding a moment to take a look at people's twitter and blogs.

Today was a particularly bad day, I got myself stressed about next year and the fact that bits of my life might be upside-down in January and I would really like them to stay the right way up. But I hope that sleep will fix this bad mood.

I just watched Waters of Mars and am a little afraid to go to sleep... or shower...

And on that subject... a new project is underway... can you guess?

I hope to post Tom Baker's crochet pattern ready for download by tomorrow afternoon. Has anyone had a go at one of the patterns yet? would love to hear how they are working out!


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