Pixelated Mushroom Rug!

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Hooray! It's done! One of the reasons I have been so quiet of late. As promised, my newest (Nintendo related) project! A rug based on the Mario pixelated mushroom ^_^

The original awesome project upon which this one is styled is EnemyAirship's 'Giant 7x7ft 8-bit Raccoon Mario rug' which everyone should see!
If you're interested the way I made mine is below:

Pattern for squares
1) chain 6 and join ends of chain

2) chain2 to raise row height, dc2 in centre of circle, chain3, ~dc3 in centre of circle, chain3~ 3 times, then join to start of row2.

slip 2

3) chain 2 to raise row height, hdc2 in gap formed by the 3 chains in the row below, ~chain3, hdc3, chain1, hdc3~ 3 times, chain3, hdc3, chain1
join to top of first hdc

Cut off leaving a tail

Sew squares together following this design:
Here is David sitting on the work in progress:I love how it looks in our house :)

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  1. Cute! I love all your projects! I mostly knit, but I've been thinking of cranking out a crocheted afghan to use up some stash and you're pushing me in that direction! ;o)

  2. I thought it was so awesome, I made my own!

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. @Allen
    squee! how awesome - and it's a 1up! Would you mind if I posted some pics on the blog to show other people too? :D

  4. very nice! makes me want to play Wii

  5. Amazing! I want to make it noowww >.<

  6. I have a question what did you use to make that pattern with I mean all those squares with numbers is it from microsft power office or excel ???

  7. @MaryGail
    Glad you like it. Yup, I just used excel for the pattern changing the background colours of the squares.
    Google docs or any spreadsheet program would work as well :)

  8. Fabulous idea! Just finished making my own as a Christmas gift! Thanks for the idea.

  9. I can crochet but I find your pattern difficult to read. It's not worded well. Why is the 2nd row not double crochet/treble as well?
    Do you think this blanket would have the same effect just crocheting simple granny squares?

  10. Working on one of these now for a friend, was wondering how you joined them all together? What stitch did you use? Thanks!

  11. @Laura

    Hi Laura, I've replied by email, but I'll also post this here in case anyone else is interested.

    There's many different ways to join granny squares, but I tend to just use one of the sewing techniques as I find them a bit neater than crocheting the squares together.

    Here's a video that might help:

    Or some other options:

    I'd just give one of the techniques a go and see which you prefer. As long as the wool is not too fluffy, you should be able to unpick if a technique doesn't work for you.

    Happy crocheting!

  12. I know this post is super old, but that rug is truly timeless :) I was wondering what size hook you used? I didn't see it in the pattern

  13. Hello! I'm so inspired to try a blanket of this kind! What are the measurements of each square?

  14. My nephew loves mario, but orange is his favorite color so I did it in Orange and he loves it! I've been requested by nephew #2 to make one in green now. See orange one here: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMYRmVLDj/

  15. How many of each colored squares do I need. I keep trying to count them on the pattern but I come up with a different number each time. Thank you