Monday, May 17, 2010

Rose! crochet pattern add-on

I have something exciting today!

Linda has created a pattern add-on for my David Tennant pattern to create an adorable Rose wearing her outfit from The Impossible Planet/The Satan Pit.

(Remember that you need a copy of the
original David Tennant Big and Cuddly pattern to work with)

Linda also made a David Tennant awwww - I feel like my own David plushie is lonely now

and a John Pertwee! I love the texture of his suit :)

And here they all are together!

eep! and a set (with the Master!) for a friend :) lucky friend!

I have really loved working with you Linda! Any time again :)

For Ravelry members, view the Rose pattern here
Other patterns in the Big and Cuddly series
David Tennant | Matt Smith | John Barrowman | Gareth David-Lloyd


sassypackrat said...

That's it! I'm learning how to crochet! I have to have these for my Dr. Who collection! I need to see if my mom's friend can help me read the pattern. Thanks much for putting these patterns out there, you rock!

Kim said...

They are totally awesome! I have yet to make a rose. I should make one for #10 Doctor hmmmm! said...

Just came across your patterns on Rav - they are awesome! I just had to compliment you for your stellar use of chenille for Three - perfection! *grin*

PixelatedMushroom said...

Happy you like the patterns :) and I'll pass on your appreciation of the chenille to Linda ^_^

Anonymous said...

hi im looking for peter johnston is he still about

PixelatedMushroom said...

@Anonymous Hi, not sure who you mean I'm afraid

critterdee said...

Oh my! That Master is so cute! How did you make the hoodie?

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