Honeybee cardigan

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Two out of four sweater patterns I have made are by Laura Chau. I really like her style and her patterns are easy and fun to follow.

The Honeybee cardigan is originally a cropped, patterned all over sweater, so this version required lots of modifications, and highlighted how little I know about how to construct sweaters.

The project travelled around Europe with me at the end of last year, and I loved working the honeybee lace panels with this yarn.

Honeybee cardigan by Laura Chau (Ravelry)

Followed some other lovely examples on Ravelry, I changed the pattern to include three pattern sections on the back and and one on each front. I had to re-knit the neckline and rip out the button band multiple times to get the neckline to work, as due to my modifications I wasn't sure how to follow the pattern for these sections. The neckline turned out too wide, but I'm still happy with it and it is what I visualised upon starting the pattern.

Invested in some more expensive yarn for this creation in the hope that it might pill less. Socks that rock lightweight in Haida, which I previously used to create my Echo Flower Shawl (which has proved one of my most warn knits and is not showing many signs of use).

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