Doctor Who amigurumi progress

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Well after posting a note about my 5th Doctor on Crafty_Tardis and Who_Knits I have had a lot of traffic today from around the US *waves to everyone*

So I thought I would post up a couple of in progress pictures that I have taken so far.

William (1st doctor) is pretty much complete - here he is pictured without his jacket. He is looking very handsome I think :)

Here is an image of the 7th doctor's body, complete with his little vest with question marks on it. The tininess of my Whos (about 3 inches tall) meant that I could get extreme detail, but i think it turned out cute nevertheless

The next is the head and tie of the 8th doctor, who is my favourite so far I think. He has some hair now but I haven't taken any photos of that yet.

Thanks for dropping by everyone, I'll be working on the patterns soon to add to my etsy shop. Let me know if you think you'd be interested, or which doctor you would be most interested in - it will make me work faster :)


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  1. I definitely would be interested in patterns. They are so cute!