Doctor Who - The First Doctor

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Well I've finished the first doctor - William Hartnell

Download free pattern for mini Doctors from the patterns page

As I mentioned previously, my friend is in South Africa (exciting ^.^) and has given me her sewing machine to play with for a month.

I wanted to machine sew the hair, because it looks better that way for photos, but it is possible to hand sew it, and I'm on working on how best to explain this in the pattern.

Apart from the hair, the rest of the pattern is almost finished, and because the Doctors are all similar in body shape, this will be a large part of the work in creating the patterns. I was thinking about putting some kits on my etsy shop, because people are not likely to have the range of colours needed lying around.

Whether anyone would be interested in making the earlier Doctors I'm not sure, but it will be nice to have patterns for the set.


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