VALA and more gloves

Monday, February 15, 2010

Spent this week at VALA2010!
Was my first ever conference and was pretty exciting :) Much more exhausting than I expected, but it was amazing to see so many librarians in the one place! Met some lovely people (some of them crafty) and had both a stitchnbitch and a twitter dinner during the week.

Crafty projects for the week included these Cappuccino Gloves :)

Yarn for these was sourced from fellow Etsian Craftyyarn and you can get them here if you're quick

I should really stop making fingerless gloves!
But they are great to make on the train when you have to stand up squished against lots of other people. Knitting doesn't work in that situation because you stab the people next to you, but crochet can be very subtle.

Here are some other pics from the week's creations:

Also to note that I just joined Madeit, feel free to drop by

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