Big and Cuddly David Tennant

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Squee! He's finished :D

This guy has been a long time in the making - I created the body and coat in late 2009 and started getting stressed about how to create the hair and face.

There are a lot of great other doctor plushies out there such as stuffykin's wonderful patterns and lovely adaptations such as PinkPorcupine's Five. I wanted to create something a bit bigger with a more flowy coat. So this guy ended up measuring 36cm (14in) tall, with an arm span of 27cm (10.5in)

I think he's actually easier to make than my mini plushies because of there being no intricate details. The coat is the design part I am most proud of. I will be writing up the pattern this week - so check back soon if you'd like to make one yourself :D

In order to solve my 'writer's block' with how to do the face, Tim drew me up some options. This way I was able to choose the one that looked best with the hair and features. I like the way he turned out ^_^ hope you like him too!

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  1. Oh I love him! I wish I crocheted well enough to make one of my own, but sadly I do not.

  2. He is awesome! I am making a Captain Jack Harkness and Ianto for a friends 40th :o)

  3. Lovely - nice and big. Must not show to my daughter - she will want one :).

  4. Thanks all ^_^
    Glad you like him :)

    @sassypackrat - if you do ever learn crochet basics he is a very simple pattern to start on :)