Circular Knitting Needles

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Knitwit Bangle - by LianaKabel
(Permission has been granted for use of this image)

Circular needles are the best! If I had enough I would use them for all my projects! I love them so much I am going to devote this post to them :)

For those who haven't used circular needles, they consist of two short needles connected by a long plastic cord. You can get different sizes and lengths of cord.

Reasons I love them:

1) No seams!

2) You can use them circularly or as super-long normal needles (just knit back and forth)

3) The actual needles (excluding the cord) are really short, so when knitting you don't stab other commuters with the end of your needles

4) When putting knitting into your bag you can slide all your work onto to the centre cord and know nothing will fall off your needles when travelling

5) Impossible to drop (and lose) a needle as long as you are holding on to some part of your knitting

6) You can use the magic loop technique to avoid the pain of knitting with 4 needles
(Image © Trish Day - permission has been granted for use)

7) You can use them for any length knitting project

8) The process of knitting with them looks unusual :)

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  1. 9) When picking up a row of knitting you can never end up with your needle pointing the wrong way!