Adventures in Crochet

Thursday, July 01, 2010

What I have been working on:

More David Tennant plushies - brown suit and blue suit, and a couple of presies that I can't reveal just yet

And some lovely work from others:

Diddle's Mobius Mitts

mgranade's Cuddly David Tennant

Mobius Mitts Pattern Here
David Tennant Pattern Here

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  1. those wry smiles on the plushies make them really cute. :D

  2. I'm determined to learn to crochet so I can make this David Tennant doll! I want one so bad!

  3. you never fail to impress :o) It's hard to chose between them I think the blue...

  4. @gwenstella
    thanks! I redid the face of the brown one five times before it looked right :) glad it turned out well

    you should! crochet is so much fun! and really not hard to learn the basics

    ^_^ It was really hard to send the blue one on its way yesterday! felt really mean to separate them!