Mobius Mitts v1

Monday, June 14, 2010

This is my latest slightly geeky creation - Möbius Mitts
Mobius Mitts

The idea came from the instruction that you see on many crochet patterns: ‘be careful not to twist the chain’ so my thought was… what happens if you do?

The beauty of the möbius loop for knitting and crochet is that you get to work either side of the cast on row/foundation chain, so that you start your work in the middle and go outwards:

This was a bit of a nightmare when trying to write up the pattern for the gloves, but I think it at least provides an interesting creation experience and a nice geeky item of clothing (even if they can be a challenge to work out how to wear).

Any comments or suggests very welcome!

Craft: Crochet
Hook: 5mm
Difficulty: 4/10
Sizes: Small, Medium, Large
Stitches used: Chain, Single crochet, Half-double crochet, Double crochet, Decrease, Increase

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  1. *LOL* I'm a step ahead of you this time - my very first crochet attempt was a Möbius strip! Oh, alright, it was a complete accident :P

    Your mitts look awesome! Thanks for sharing the pattern! :) :)

  2. lol :) awesome! very cool for a first crochet attempt!

  3. How stinking cool is that?! I love them! What a great idea!

  4. Thanks!
    I'm working on version 2 which is another concept I explored from the initial idea

  5. I love this pattern:)
    Have uploded photos of the result in my blog. And also on Ravelry (hobbyhanden)
    Thank you for sharing:)

    Have a nice weekend

  6. :( i a bit confused on the pattern instructions ...the "insert hook into the stitch ...and sc1 then hdc 29" i read the rest of the instruction and i understand it but that part is a little tricky :( help please

  7. @supertat54
    Hello there :) sorry you had trouble with that bit. I'll try and help

    After making your twist (as pictured) you just need to work a Single Crochet into the stitch with the arrow pointing to it, then Half Double Crochet along the rest of the row (29 times)

    Does that help? Let me know if it doesn't and I'll try and explain more clearly

  8. Thanks again for a great pattern.
    Of course you can show a picture of them in your blog:)
    Thanks for complimenting the butons, had fun decorating them.

    Have a nice weekend:)

  9. Hi. Love moebius crocheting so am excited to try this, but am a little confused by row 4: "hdc-inc2, hdc to green marker". Does this mean *2 extra hdcs in stitch (i.e. 3 hdcs), then 1 hdc* and repeat pattern in * * until green marker?


  10. Hi Karen!

    Thanks for asking about this, I'm in the process of making the pattern a little clearer in regard to these increases

    row 4 means:

    make 2 hdcs in the first stitch, make 2 hdcs in the second stitch, and then 1 hdc in every following stitch until you hit the green marker.

    Hope this makes sense, I'll hopefully be publishing an updated version of the pattern tonight with these clarifications :)

  11. Ah! I'm SO glad I asked! :)

    Thanks for the quick response.

  12. no worries :) feel free to ask more questions if you run into any other troubles.

    Will let you know once i've uploaded a new version tonight :D happy crocheting!

  13. Hello! I have updated the pattern with some clearer instructions about increasing and added a gauge as well :)

    Just download from the link in the post above for the new version ^_^

  14. you are now my favorite person ever *-*

    last night I finished my Möbius Scarf and I had a lot of yarn that I didn't use, now I'm gonna make this gloves

    thank you so much <3

  15. Adorable! Very fashion-forward and not "geeky" at all. ;)

  16. Love the texture, I bet they would look really cool in a long striping yarn like kauni!

  17. @-Sam
    oo kauni would be cool! I hadn't seen that yarn before but it looks really pretty!

  18. I've hit the part with the thumb hole, and I'm completely confused. I'm make a small, so chain 2 and then I'm not sure what to do next. Also, two chains seems kind of small. It's a lovely pattern, by the way.

  19. The 2 chains aren't too small actually because of the increases you did previously. You count 9 stitches over from the hook and sc in the 9th stitch. Does that make sense? The first time I did it, I didn't think it made sense either. But, once I did and went on to the green marker, I could see it coming together. HTH :o) GL

  20. @Nicky @Christina

    Hey Nicky! Sorry took me so long to reply, I've been working my way through emails from the week I was away

    Luckily Christina was there to explain it perfectly :) counting 9 sts + adding 2 chains makes a 11 stitch gap for your thumb, which should fit the small size fine.

    Try it and if it's still looking too small, you can do 3 chains instead of two. It won't effect reading the rest of the pattern at all

    Good luck!

  21. Ohhh! I love you! <3 Thanks sooo much for this patt. Must add to ingenious work-on-in-near-future list. Now! To hunt down a scarf/cowl/hat to match with it's lovely twists and turns. Thank you so much for this patt. I live for 4 things: God, my 5 children, crime dramas, and unusual, why didn't I think of, wish I could make that crocheted items. Truly: this one is makin' me want to put all my other wips dowwwn. LMBO. You go girl! But not too far away, kay? Still need ya here on earth for more phenomenal crocheted works of art!

  22. PS-Will send you pics as soon as I make a set.

  23. Thanks Dee!
    So happy you like the look of the pattern. There's some pretty cool möbius cowls out there.

    I will look forward to seeing yours if you make some!!

  24. Although your instructions were mostly very clear, I do need a bit of clarification on row 10 with the thumb hole: do I sc it 9 stitches from the hook including the chains I just made?

    I'm sorry if this seems stupid/obvious but I'm a bit of an amateur crocheter (:

  25. @poikadot Hello, no worries at all - it's a good question.
    When you make your thumbhole, don't include the chains in your counting. I've uploaded an image here that might help: and I'm thinking I'll add it into the pattern too :) Happy crocheting!

  26. Hi PM just finished the pair but I have done something wrong. Left mitt is exactly like right. It should be mirror image. I think it has to do eith the initial twist but I can't see where I am going wrong. Can you help? Btw I LOVE the mitts. Thanks for the pattern.

  27. Hi Pixelated Mushroom,

    I made these mitts for myself last fall and really love them. I'd like to share this great pattern with others by including it in the Crochet and Knitting Newsletter. This would entail a short description of the pattern and a link back to this page. No credit would be taken by the publishers of the newsletter.



  28. Hi.

    I'm not sure if anyone mentioned this before - and maybe you have fixed it already - but I downloaded the mobius mitt crochet v1 pattern pdf and there are some mistakes. I'm relatively new to crochet, so it took me a while to figure it out, but the right hand pattern is actually for the left hand. Then there is a typo in the left hand instruction where it says "rows 3-22 repeat left hand".

    I almost gave up on the project until I realised what was going on after my 4th attempt. My partner is a mathematician so I was really motivated to figure it out and make a pair for him. Glad I persisted.

    Great pattern! Thanks for sharing it.