Christmas gifts 2010

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My first ever pair of knitted socks :) Never thought I'd knit socks as they seemed... hmm... boring - but it was great to do and I hope my mum likes them :)

I can't say I found sock knitting thrilling, but learning how to turn the heel was useful and while they didn't come out perfect they at least seemed comfy. I loved the lace part of these and am inspired to doing some more lace projects in future.
They are knitted from Suzi Anvin's free Blackrose pattern (Rav link). I had trouble with the instructions for turning the heel but this might be due to my own lack of knowledge on what I was aiming for.

Speaking of Christmas gifts - I love Kim's gifted Cactus Garden ^_^ so much safer than a real one!

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  1. Cactus garden rocks...

    Not that it doesn't have any, but that it does. (Rock, that is.)