Inspiration Fibers

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Eee ^_^ I really needed a pick-me-up today - lots of stuff going on and feeling anxious. This wonderful fluff was in my mail box :D I won this from Inspiration Fibers via Phat Fiber . It's so much bigger than I expected! Thank you! Really made my day!

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  1. That fibre looks gorgeous! I've decided that I'm not going to learn to spin as I've got too many fibre allergies that I don't want to go spending money on nice things I can't use.

    Also, I love the background!!

  2. It's wonderful stuff ^_^ I almost can't make myself unwrap it because it's so pretty and squishy - I keep carrying it around and huggling it :P

    I'm very irritated by wool too sadly! My etsy shop is partly so I can knit with wonderful fibers and still have someone who can love the finished projects - but some combination fibers are ok - like wool/nylon blends don't irritate me