Spinning wheel!

Monday, January 03, 2011

Squeezed into our small house and taking up 1/4 of the living space, but whirling along happily :) So many thanks to my Aunt who has allowed me to use this treasure ^_^ and to all those who helped me get it into the car and to my house!

The first tiny bit of yarn :)

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  1. Beautiful wheel. I want one, all the ones I have are decorative and I have to buy yarn.

  2. Gorgeous! You're in trouble now, spinning is just as addictive as all the other fibre crafts!

  3. @Jodaeodesign I know! I'm so lucky ^_^

    @♥Piper♥ Oh no! decorative ones much be very frustrating! you should get one that spins! :D

    It totally is! Your new scarf is so beautiful by the way! weaving must be fun too!