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Thursday, June 16, 2011

I've just been adding a few things to my Mobius Mitts pattern, including the video tutorials from my last post.

I added in a page about arranging mitts to show the front or back side of the crochet. Thought blog readers might also be interested in this. The below notes are based on crocheting through both loops.
Crochet has a front and a back side. Because Mobius Mitts are worked as a mobius loop, the side showing changes at the centre point (see above).

- The front of crochet looks like distinct chunky sts (above the line)
- the back looks like a tight slanted stitch (below the line)

Mobius Mitts are designed to show one side for the majority of the gloves, with just a
hint of the other side around the wrist. You can choose which you prefer, and then
access your preferred side by turning your gloves fully inside out between the two
And talking of mobius, check out these awesome Mobius Ships

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  1. Hi!,
    I loved the pattern, it was very easy to follow and the mitt is very unique. However, both mitts came out identical, are they supposed to be identical or mirror images of each other? tahnks, Kat

  2. Hi Kat,

    Glad you enjoyed the pattern- they are supposed to be mirror images, but I've recently seen a number of tiny things people do that can make them turn out the same.

    Last week I updated the pattern to emphasise one of the main things that often goes wrong.

    If you re-download the pattern and particularly note the instruction and photo 'Arrange working yarn to top left as shown here' on pages 4 and 6, hopefully this will solve the problem if you make another pair. Sorry that it's such a tricky pattern to explain! Good luck!