Toe-up fixation footies

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Have been meaning to show these for a little while now, but I was too busy wearing them :)
This is my second pair of knitted socks, and are less of a success than the ones I knitted for mum, as I didn't put in the care or concentration (many holes in my short rows), but I'm liking having a pair of my own.

These were knit because I wanted to try toe-up, and also 2 socks on 2 circular needles. I found this technique completely intuitive, but if I made another pair I would stick to one colour - as managing the 4 strands of wool was a complete pain

Pattern: Toe-up Fixation Footies by Sarah H Arnold ( blog pattern | rav pattern )
I wouldn't recommend this pattern for a beginner sock knitter - as the pattern is not designed to walk you through every step, but as a quick guide it worked fine. I like the look of the short socks shown on the pattern pics but even at the length I stopped at I'm finding these too short. If I ever knit more socks I'll make them nice and long (and use thicker yarn)

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