Would you like to be a tester? - Chiaroscuro fingerless gloves

Thursday, July 10, 2014

A new pattern has recently been brewing... 
The idea was to create a pattern that featured metallic yarn without the need to knit a full scarf or garment.
The gloves are knit from the bottom up, in three sections. The first and third sections involve creating two layers for a shadowed appearance; the middle section involves a cable on the back of the hand creating a vignette effect. The pattern skill level is likely 'challenging' due to the need to manage two sets of magic loops in the round, and to the fiddly-ness of metallic yarn.
If you'd be interested in being a tester for the pattern, I've still got one spot left - head over to the Testing Pool on Raveley, or email me at pixelatedmushroom (at) gmail.com

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  1. They are lovely, and I adore the name! Very Caravaggio.

  2. Thanks! Very tricky to think of names for things.

    (could you let me know if you are notified of this reply, I'm never sure if blogger does that) - thanks :)