Monday, October 18, 2010

1up Mushroom

Hi all,
Wanted to quickly pop in and show you Allen's 1up mushroom rug! It's strange for me to see because it looks so similar to the one in my house - but green ^_^ I think Mario would prefer to eat this one

Allen's picasa album can be found here. Thanks so much for showing me Allen!

My red version with the pattern for the squares is here


Allen said...

Awesome! Thanks for featuring me :)

Graceful Rose Designs said...

I just love this! I have been inspired to
a) learn to crochet
b) make a blue mushroom!

How much yarn is required for this? I'm keen to buy some yarn that is on sale (Bendigo Woollen Mills) and want to make sure I have enough!

Erin said...

:D I am absolutely in love with this. I feel inspired to make a blanket with mayhaps some matching pillow shams. Thanks for your graph on the other one too! It really does help a LOT!

PixelatedMushroom said...

Yay ^_^ would love to see if you do make a blanket! pillow sham could be awesome too! glad the chart helps :)

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