Friday, March 26, 2010

Sample - Cable Knit Gloves

I finished these cable knit gloves today. I feel they didn't turn out quite the way I wanted. I think if I'd used slightly bigger needles and made them longer and bigger I would like them more. They were my first attempt at cables.
Sometimes projects just don't work out the way you expect. It doesn't mean they didn't work, just that they are not what you envisioned.I've listed them cheaply in my samples section in case anyone would like them ;)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Giveaway Winner - Re-drawn

The winner of the Blueberry Fingerless Gloves is...


Congrats! Christina has asked if she might have the red version of these gloves instead.

Thanks to everyone who entered the contest - and for all your interesting ideas and comments :)

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Free crochet pattern: David Tennant Big and Cuddly

New free pattern! David Tennant Big and Cuddly
I really should be in bed - but I wanted to post this up right away!

Hope you like it! Any feedback welcome!
Click on the above image to start the PDF download, or download it from the patterns page

Plushie measures 36cm (14in) tall, with an arm span of 27cm (10.5in), size will vary with different 8ply yarn varieties

Hope you enjoy creating him.
Would love to see pics of anything you create from this pattern!

Other patterns in the Big and Cuddly series

View David Tennant pattern page on

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Feature: tv/movie based amigurumi

I was inspired by several crocheters when deciding to start my doctor who amigurumi creations, and have featured a few of them below:

Geek Central Station
Wonderful collection of adorable amigurumi based on many different fandoms. Here are some images of the Firefly cast, I also love the lord of the rings figures.
Blog | Patterns on Etsy LucyRavenscar
There's a lot of starwars amigurumi out there, but these are some of the cutest in my opinion :) There's a lovely simplicity to the shapes and colours.
An amazing array of plushies from Batman to Zelda. Pictured here are Jaime and Adam from Mythbusters ^.^

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Big and Cuddly David Tennant

Squee! He's finished :D

This guy has been a long time in the making - I created the body and coat in late 2009 and started getting stressed about how to create the hair and face.

There are a lot of great other doctor plushies out there such as stuffykin's wonderful patterns and lovely adaptations such as PinkPorcupine's Five. I wanted to create something a bit bigger with a more flowy coat. So this guy ended up measuring 36cm (14in) tall, with an arm span of 27cm (10.5in)

I think he's actually easier to make than my mini plushies because of there being no intricate details. The coat is the design part I am most proud of. I will be writing up the pattern this week - so check back soon if you'd like to make one yourself :D

In order to solve my 'writer's block' with how to do the face, Tim drew me up some options. This way I was able to choose the one that looked best with the hair and features. I like the way he turned out ^_^ hope you like him too!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Circular Knitting Needles

Knitwit Bangle - by LianaKabel
(Permission has been granted for use of this image)

Circular needles are the best! If I had enough I would use them for all my projects! I love them so much I am going to devote this post to them :)

For those who haven't used circular needles, they consist of two short needles connected by a long plastic cord. You can get different sizes and lengths of cord.

Reasons I love them:

1) No seams!

2) You can use them circularly or as super-long normal needles (just knit back and forth)

3) The actual needles (excluding the cord) are really short, so when knitting you don't stab other commuters with the end of your needles

4) When putting knitting into your bag you can slide all your work onto to the centre cord and know nothing will fall off your needles when travelling

5) Impossible to drop (and lose) a needle as long as you are holding on to some part of your knitting

6) You can use the magic loop technique to avoid the pain of knitting with 4 needles
(Image © Trish Day - permission has been granted for use)

7) You can use them for any length knitting project

8) The process of knitting with them looks unusual :)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A finely tuned response to the situation

"You're going to kill me. What a finely tuned response to the situation."

My newest little Doctor - Peter Davison
Wearing his cricket pants, jumper, hat, and jacket (complete with celery).
Grab the pattern from the patterns page

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Talia complete!

Talia is done! Yay!
I thought this would have taken me a lot longer but I enjoyed all of it!

The back looks a bit nicer than the front in my opinion, but I am very happy with it! I have never done much blocking, so am not sure whether to do that with this project or not. It seems to fit ok except the cast on row does roll a bit at the waist. Any ideas?

Was a very good place to start for someone who had not followed a pattern with proper sizing before - I'd definitely recommend it. Unfortunately now I am eyeing off this coat... drool
Other projects on the go are...
* a mini Peter Davison
* a big cuddly David Tennant and pattern
* a Dalek Illusion knit

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