Chiaroscuro fingerless gloves

Sunday, November 09, 2014

New pattern out today!

$2.50 - All profit donated monthly to charity.

Pattern details - Chiaroscuro fingerless gloves 
Chiaroscuro - in painting, photography and cinema - strong contrasts between dark and light serving to achieve a sense of depth and volume... 

This pattern was designed to feature metallic yarn (or other specialty fibres) without the commitment of a full garment. The delicacy of the metallic yarn will affect the durability of the project for every-day wear, but will also produce an individual creation depending on the yarn combinations chosen, like a small work of art.

The gloves are knit from the bottom up, in three sections. The first and third sections involve creating two layers for a shadowed appearance; the middle section involves a cable on the back of the hand creating a vignette effect. This pattern is rated as challenging - due to the nature of the delicate yarn, and the fiddly-ness of having two magic loops available simultaneously.

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