Hearts and things

Friday, August 14, 2009

Well it's been a lovely week. I am feeling muchly cheered by the DUST team which I joined last week when I made me lions below, and by two exciting other things.

There are now 4 people following my blog! *waves* this is a lovely feeling because it has been going for quite a while now without knowing if anyone was watching on. They all have lovely blogs themselves, so you should go over to the right of the page and visit them :)

The other exciting thing is that after the addition of my lion and my 'dugong in disguise' I have some hearts on etsy ^.^, which may not mean anything much but still gives me a warm glow inside when i see their cute icons:

So thanks to EternalRootsDesign, RainbowRevolution, Dreamy1, missymaomao, and laceandlinks for cheering me up :)

yes, it's been a good week - and I'm about to do a post about my dugong who is now for sale now, even though my mum seems to want to keep him for herself :

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  1. I probably don't show up as "following", but i'm keeping track via RSS - so add me to your '4'.

  2. aww thanks pete!
    and look! another follower too :D
    I did notice another one on the rss list but of course didn't know it was you :p
    what a nice day i'm having :)