oh Melbourne...

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Well you may think I have dyed myself a gradiented skirt when looking at this picture, but actually all I did was walk home from work in the middle of Melbourne's current storm.

I had an umbrella (which went inside-out 8 times), and still everything I was wearing was completely soaked! Thanks connex for running trains only every 20 minutes :( if i'd been home 10 mins earlier I wouldn't have got wet at all!

But it was quite an adventure, so I don't mind too much :)

Hello to the new followers, hopefully I should have something crafty to show you tonight :)

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  1. You poor thing - I made it home from the post office just about 10 minutes before the worst of it really hit! What is with this crazy weather...

  2. oh that was lucky! it would have been bad if all your parcels had to soaked