Juggling Camp

Monday, October 05, 2009

Well I'm back from Juggling Camp and am completely exhausted - it was quite fun, I really enjoyed the first day and used my new cathedral wick fire poi for the first time :D and they turned out awesomely :D

They are much bigger than my last pair (which I lost on a train :( ), and I think they will make some nice photos. Didn't get any great photos this time around, but hopefully next time.

Found the last day of camp a bit too exhausting and walked into the bush to get some quiet time - sitting in the middle of the trees and doing some crochet for most of the morning - listening to lots of bird sounds :)

Have been writing up lots of procedures (which I love doing) at work for the new people who are starting this/next week, so not sure how much pattern instruction I'll feel like doing - but hopefully I can get another doctor done by the end of the week.

I'm going to see UP in 3d tonight :) looking forward to it

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  1. Must be a late showing! It's a pretty fun movie, even if quite sad as well.

  2. it was 7pm, but started quite late which is unusual for Nova -

    Yeah I had a bit of a cry during it, but could hide behind the 3d glasses so no one could see.

    Most of my friends spent most of the time trying to work out how the glasses worked (as opposed to the imax polarized ones) :p

  3. how strange, found you looking for how to make cathedral wicks for my fire hula hoop i am making. But i am a knitter, crocheter and seamstress before that. Although not many poi posts (possibly cos its a knitting blog) but hope you are still doing it :)

  4. @bekki Nice! Cathedral wicks on hula hoop sound impressive, that would be quite a bit of fire :) Yup I'm still doing poi, not quite as often as before, but coincidentally it's Camp this coming weekend (3 years since I wrote that last post) so I'll be sure to pull my cathedrals out again :)

    If you're on Ravelry would love to connect :) - I'm pixelatedmushroom

    Happy poiing and crafting :)