Fingerless gloves

Friday, October 09, 2009

I love knitting fingerless gloves :) These blue ones are the first thing I have knitted using 4 needles - they were quite difficult to get used to, but no sewing is required afterwards which is wonderful.

Definitely time for bed now, it's been a rather lame week :s

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  1. So, I pretty much love these......which is ood because, well, I don't like fingerless gloves generally.

    And yes, I did say "ood"....because, well, I like the Ood.

    Did you follow a pattern for these or no?

  2. Wow thanks, I guess these are a lot thinner than normal fingerless gloves. They are quite nice to wear all the time, whereas the balky ones are only really great for outside I guess.

    I just made the pattern up as I went along, but it actually was pretty simple and didn't requite much increasing or decreasing, only around the hand bit :)