More fingerless gloves and chocolates

Monday, October 19, 2009

I had a nice weekend away, although didn't get through most of the things I had hoped to find time to do. Daylesford was much as I remembered, although the second-hand book shop now has a coffee shop inside it (think Black Books :p) and there was a particularly tasty bakery in the main street.

The B&B (which was missing the second B) was ok. It was also a little odd in that the owners could rarely be found (when we arrived, and even when we were going to pay them for our stay)

On our trip I made a start on some new fingerless gloves, this time inventing a fair isle pattern of a tree to go on the back of the hand.

Recording the pattern on a chart is hurting my brain, and I just realised I have written some of it wrongly, but I hope to at least finish one glove this week.

Oh, and we also visited the Chocolate Mill near Daylesford where we got these cute chocolates - om nom nom!

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  1. oh my gosh I LOVE your etsy store! Its amazing!! You are soooo talented!
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  2. Thanks Priscilla :)
    Your giveaway looks lovely but I don't have kids - will keep an eye on your blog - good luck :)