GIVEAWAY - David Tennant Doctor Plushie

Monday, November 02, 2009

(Giveaway closed - see announcement)

I have decided to release my Doctor Who crochet patterns as PDFs - and to celebrate - a giveaway! read on!

The Doctor Who community (and indeed the whole craft community) is such a sharing world to be involved in that I would like to see many of my Doctors be created through the work I have put into these patterns. My main hope in making these is that people will show me the Doctors they create from these patterns.

So to celebrate the completion of the David Tennant pattern this afternoon - I've decided to hold my first blog giveaway!

The winner of the giveaway will win their own little plushie. The Doctor is 7cm tall and made with crochet/amigurumi techniques.

~~~ How to Enter ~~~

***Giveaway Closed - Winner announced soon!***

1) Leave a comment on this blog post letting me know:

Which Doctor Who or Torchwood character / monster you would best like to see in crochet

Additional Entries

2) Follow my blog (let me know this in your comment = 1 entry)
3) Tell me which of my Doctor Whos you think is the most like the Doctor it was based on (see right of page = 1 entry)
4) Follow me on Twitter (leave your twitter name in your comment = 1 entry)
5-9) Buy something from my (understocked) Etsy shop (=5 entries)

Fine Print
- Giveaway closes on the 2nd of December 8am (AEST)
- Please leave me a way to contact you
- International entries welcome
- Entries can be listed in the same comment
- Winner will be contacted and will need to reply with postage info

Enjoy :)

(see all posts about my Doctor Who crochet figures)

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  1. Okay, so I'm a sucker for the 9th and 10th doctors...and Ianto.

    And you know I follow this blog. I'm grand like that :)

    So far, the Tom Baker doctor looks the most like...but I think that's because of the scarf (easily identifiable).

    No Twitter. Twitter evil.

    Poor college student. No Etsy (right now).

    And I love this idea. We need doctors...

  2. you should make the face of boe- that would be pretty excellent.

    and i think that your david tennant pattern is the most like his character, but then again, he is my absolute favorite anyway.

    thanks for the giveaway!

  3. How awesome you are! Ok, ok, hmmm...I want a crocehted Dalek. I mean, you gotta have the Dalek, right?

    I think Tom Baker is the most recognizable, but maybe it's just the scarf.:D Thank you for doing this giveaway-- or I might never have found your blog, and my world would have stayed a sadder place. Yaaay, Whovians! You bet I'm following!


  4. I'd love to see Rose (Billie Piper), or a Dalek!

    urchiken at gmail dot com

  5. Holy freaking cute! I need one. Well, if you can make Jack as hot as he is in crochet form, that would be pretty impressive! LOL! Otherwise, I'd love to see the Cybermen.

    I like the David Tennant Dr. Who pattern best.

    I follow you on Twitter.

    I am now following your blog!

  6. I'm curious if an amigurumi weeping angel would be less creepy than the ones in "Don't Blink." Probably not, though...

    hrfarley at gmail dot com

  7. Love this!

    I'm following your blog.

    I think The David Tennant and the Tom Baker ones are the most recognizable for most people.

    A dalek, a cyberman & oh I'd love to see The Face of Boe.

    I'm following you on twitter - sassypackrat and will treet about your giveaway too.

  8. Definitely some companions - start with Rose Tyler and Martha Jones...I'd also like to see Captain Jack!

    As far as which Doctor is best, I'm partial to David Tennant but it looks like Tom Baker is going to be awesome too!

    I'm also following your blog and following you on Twitter. I hope I win since I don't know how to crochet! :o


  9. I'd like to see one of the 18th century beauties from "The Girl in the fireplace" episode.

    And John Simm as The Master!

    Will follow your blog now and Twitter, am crossing all my digits for a crocheted Dr!

  10. Your so generous having this giveaway - thank-you!!

    I just started following your blog and I put it on my Google reader so I get to learn how to use that too - woo hoo new toys =D

    I think the 5th Doctor Who is most like the actual one but then again a jacket with that kind of trim is not something you really ever see.

    Started following you on Twitter too, I'm Iesadora.

  11. Thanks for posting the patterns for all your figures. They are so great. I have downloaded all of them. I am not sure how soon I will be able to make them but your generousity is much appreciated.

  12. What beautiful little dolls they are. As a fan of Nine and Ten I'd have to say they are my favourite although any of them would be welcome on my bedside table. If I had to pick one it would be Four as it definitely looks the closest to our beloved Doctor. I reckon you should knit a reaper. Now that would be a challenge and scary to boot.

    You have such a creative site it won't be hard to enjoy your blog.

  13. OMGosh, that little fella is just so gorgeous :D
    I'm totally jealous of any people who can craft such amazing little treasures like these :)
    (I have Fibromyalgia, I couldn't get crafty if I tried *sigh*)

    For my first entry, I would dearly DEARLY love to see my personal favourite character...River Song...crocheted :D

    For my second entry, I have to say Four is definitely the most recognizable, and most resembles the Doctor it was based on :D

    You can reach me at my livejournal (in the remote case that I am the lucky winner) :)

  14. Hello! Your crocheted Doctor Who amigurumi are adorable! :3 And I love the Tree of Gondor fingerless gloves, too.

    1. I'd like to see Martha, Donna, or a Dalek. Or K-9! Oh, man, I have too many favorite characters.

    3. I'm partial to Ten, Five, and Three. I especially love Five's outfit!
    4. I'm mgorka @twitter :)

  15. Annette chee_wawa_momma@yahoo.caNovember 4, 2009 at 3:18 AM

    Hello! I love all the doctors you've made, and the tardis (OMG!)!!!
    I would love to see any of the following - your take on an Adipose baby, or Donna Noble (she's a riot!), or a Jelly Baby! I know the latter is not a character, but it's still fun!

  16. 1. I would love to see either Captain Jack or Donna, my two favourite companions. Especially if you post the pattern so I can bribe someone to crochet them for me :D For monsters, an Ood would be awesome!

    2. I have to figure out how, cuz I don't have a blogspot and I pretty much stick to LJ but I'm trying to find an RSS program so I will be soon :)

    3. Ooo, toughie, I think they all look amazing but ... I'd have to say Four.

    4. I'm KnitChick1979 on twitter

    5. When I have money (really broke this week) I likely will. :D

  17. I love him!!!! I downloaded the pdf's for Nine, Ten and the TARDIS! Thank you for sharing!

  18. Slitheen would be pretty good... or the Face of Bo. Cassandra in her stretched out skin form would be interesting too :o)

  19. I follow you on twitter!


  20. You are Brilliant & I just adore your Whovian creations.

    I think David's doll looks very like him. Christopher Eccleson, Tom Baker,You got the Celery stick on Peter Davidson & the Polo sweater. They are all just great.

    I've read your Blog before. You are truly talented.

    I think I would bow down to you if you could make & come up with a pattern of the Krillitanes. The bat like creature in the Episode School Reunion with Sarah Jane Smith. That would be very cool.

    Also it would be interesting to see your version of an Adopose. Those lil guys are cuties.

    I am following you on Twitter I am Mystique Gypsy. I would love to buy some of your Who items when you can stock some.

    Keep up the wonderful work.


  21. oh my gosh it's David Tennant yeay, I think that one is the most lookylikey and it's the one I would love.
    I love both Dr Who and the Torchwood series. How about a K9 to go with your earlier doctors? The BBC is making his own series soon too.

  22. I'd love a cybermat. Preferably life-sized. (Tomb of the Cyberman-cute cybermats, not the Tom Baker-era ugly ones)

    I'm Ladyrixx on twitter. And I'm following your blog now. Anyone that's into crafts and Doctor Who is awesome in my book.

  23. i would love to see an ood or a dalek.

    i think your 10th doctor looks the best of all.
    i added you to the list of people i follow.
    i do not twitter tho sorry
    thank you for the patterns awesome job

  24. I would LOVE to see you crochet a Donna Noble figure! Cuz she's my favorite companion and has gorgeous red hair and my most favorite wardrobe of ANY companion>)

    My favorite is your William Hartnell doll, how you made it in black and white, but really, I gotta say it's the fifth Doctor that you've captured meticulously, with the blonde hair and the colorful details, so that one gets top marks for resemblance!
    So can I consider myself entered?:D

  25. I'd love to see what you do with the Ood. :P

    (WibSkelDS9 on Twitter)

  26. I would LOVE to see an Ood crochet figure.

    I dont recommend doing an Adipose b/c of that lawsuit that was against that poor girl those few years ago. :(

    Definitely am now a follower of your blog.

    Best Likeness...I would say...Tom Baker. Very well done.

    Can't afford college student. And no Twitter cuz it frightens me.

  27. I think all my top options were taken already, so I'll just say - your work is gorgeous!
    (and seriously adorable :))

  28. I think the Peter Davison one is the closest (but he needs some celery ^_^), then Tom Baker, then DT, is the red headed one the new guy? Your Tardis is the best!

    I would love to see Donna and Daleks and an Ood. and Martha and Sarah Jane and the MP from Flydale North - Harriet Jones? Of the torchwood men I can't decide between Ianto and Rhys.

    I am chileblanco on

  29. Hi chileblanco :)
    if you look closely at the pictures you'll see that Peter Davidson does have a stick of tiny fluffy celery on his lapel :)

    The red headed one is Paul McGann (the 8th Doctor), i know his hair isn't quite that red, but I couldn't find the perfect colour :) I'll make it a bit more curly when I finish the pattern.
    Glad you like the Tardis :D

  30. "1) Leave a comment on this blog post letting me know:

    which Doctor Who or Torchwood character / monster you would best like to see crocheted"

    Donna! Because Donna would rock as a plushie.

    "2) Follow my blog (let me know this in your comment = 1 entry)"

    I would, except I don't blog on this journal.

    "3) Tell me which of my Doctor Who patterns you think is the most like the Doctor it was based on (see right of page = 1 entry)"

    So far, I think Ten does. It's the little glasses that do it for me!

    "4) Follow me on Twitter (leave your twitter name in your comment = 1 entry)"

    I don't Twitter. I'm too dull.

  31. Which character? I reckon one of the scary angels from Blink would be excellent! :)

    Hen x

  32. Lovely work!!!!

    Tom Baker perhaps.

    cal_rubies at yahoo dot es


  33. 1. D'aww! I'd love to see a Rose, personally. :) Or maybe a Weeping Angel! Or a Dalek! Hee!

    3. I'm rather fond of Fivey. I think he looks very much like Five.

    4. @queen_catriona and I'll hop on when I get home tonight to follow you! :D

  34. I am a sucker for Captain Jack but I think the Ood would be interesting to crochet.

    I think that Tom Baker, David Tennant and the Tardis (is a she) are the most like the real thing :o)

    You know where to find me :o) I have downloaded #10 and once I finish my Christmas project will make a start on him.

  35. The Adipose bcause they are pudgy and cute, I think they would translate well into crochet.

  36. I think that the Colin Baker 6th Doctor looks the closest to the actual Doctor. They are all awesome though! Perhaps I'll have to do a bit of crochet... ;-)

  37. face of boe! face of boe!

  38. Step away everyone! This one is MINE!!!

    Ok, so I'm a HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE Doctor Who fan. Have loved it ever since Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant. He's leaving soon to make way for Matt Smith, not sure how I feel about that! Your Tom Baker plushie is so so sooo adorable.

    Anyway, I want to see you make a Dalek! That should be a hit with the fans.


  39. oooh oops! I forgot to mention in my comment above that your Tom Baker one looks the most like the real one. love it!!

  40. I would love to see you make either an OOD! Or Ianto with a little coffee mug. <3

    I am most definitely going to follow your blog now.

    I think 9 is most like the doctor it's supposed to portray. <3's for eccleston.

    You are followed on twitter! my username is pinup_geek

    I'd LOVE to buy something but I cna't right now. Paypal blows. I will however let you knwo for fun that lionface the lion is AWESOME

  41. I think a sontaran would be adorable, and 4, 6, and 10 are the most recognizable.

    I follow the blog! :)

  42. 1. So many to choose from! Either a Cyberman or a weeping angel

    2. Pasted you into my RSS feed!

    3. I love the hair on 10, and he's my favorite, (can you say biased?)

    4. Considered yourself followed: loppypop

    Btw, I've never done amigurumi...I think I'll start with the Tardis & go from there :)

  43. These are fantastic! I'm so glad I came across this website.

    1.I'd like to see a Sarah Jane. She's my fav.

    2. I'm following

    3. I think the Tom Baker one is awesome

    4. I'm following on twitter @goodieslist

  44. I'm following your blog - love the characters!
    I'd most like to see Donna - she was my favorite companion because she never let him get away with anything. :-)

  45. First. Thank you for the Comment in my LJ :)
    It was a little Surprise for me :D

    Which Character...

    I have two Characters in tne Moment
    My two fav DW Girls.
    Rose Tyler and Martha Jones.

    firestar28 on livejournal :)

  46. Hi. I love your Blog. I am so glad I found it. SO I am following now.

    I would love to see a darlek. I found a pattern to knit one but I am still trying to learn to knit.

    You can reach me though my blog if i somehow win.


  47. So cute. I stumbled on here through a Flickr page...I think..I can't remember because I got sucked into the cuteness of your blog.

    David Tennant is my favorite so I cannot suggest anyone else to create..maybe a dalek or Rose...or Donna...hmm..I love them all.


  48. Following your blog and love your patterns

  49. Now following you on Twitter


  50. 1. D'aww! I'd love to see a Rose, personally. :) Or maybe a Weeping Angel! Or a Dalek! Hee! 3. I'm rather fond of Fivey. I think he looks very much like Five. 4. @queen_catriona and I'll hop on when I get home tonight to follow you! :D