John Pertwee pattern complete!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Hi everyone,
Surprised myself this morning by finishing off my 3rd Doctor pattern!

Had a bit of a party last night and went to bed very late, so didn't expect to get much done today. Anyway, the pattern is available for download from the patterns page. as part of the Mini Doctor Whos PDF. Let me know what you think of him!

I got very excited yesterday when I found a ravelry member has started work on a 5th Doctor :) looking forward to seeing photos of the finished product :)

Off to another lunch-time gathering now (sadly it's raining outside), but look forward to collating all the entries for the giveaway when I get home.

Only one week to go if you'd like want to enter my Giveaway for a David Tennant plushie :)

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  1. He's perfect! I just discovered your blog, and I love all of it. I may follow your example, and make lots and lots of Doctors for myself!

  2. Thanks! Hope you do make lots and lots of doctors too! ^_^