Two things I am never without

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Since I can't show my newest project because it is a present, I thought I'd show two things that I can't do without :) And because I do all of my crafting while on trains, I guess this counts as my workspace too!

Firstly, my knitting bag. My Aunt and Cousin gave it to me, and I take it with me everywhere stuffed full of projects for my commute every day. I take it to morning tea and knit/craft while talking to my work friends :) It has an inside pocket where I keep my tiny scissors, and an outside pocket for things like phone and lipbalm. I love this bag :D

My current project is refusing to fit into the bag. His sneakers are poking out!

The second thing I take with me everywhere (usually keeping it in the red bag) is my notebook. I generally make up my own patterns, so as I go I write them down in my little book. I have been writing in it for a year now and it is almost full. I have bought a new one in purple ready for next year :)

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