TARDIS for your christmas tree

Monday, December 07, 2009

Hi all, here's a super fast easy pattern for a TARDIS crochet ornament to hang on your xmas tree this year.
The finished TARDIS turns out to be about 8cm tall, is hollow but keeps its shape when hung from a tree.


Dark blue yarn
Scrap of white yarn
Scrap of light blue yarn
3mm or 4mm crochet hook

The Pattern
1) Magic circle 6
2) increase every st = 12
3) increase every 2nd st = 18
4) increase every 3rd st = 24
5) *sc5, (sc, dc, dc, sc) in next st* repeat = 36
6) sc just the inside of each st (to make a raised ridge)
7) *sc5, dec2* repeat = 28
8) sc
9) sc
10) sc
11) sc
12) sc
13) sc
14) sc
15) sc
16) sc

Using light blue yarn, create a loop (I plaited mine) from the top centre point of the TARDIS.

Using white yarn sew some windows and any other features you wish to include.

This TARDIS is designed to fit my little Doctor plushies inside. Add a few more sc rows if you wish to make a TARDIS that fits a Doctor with a hat inside

See the Patterns Page for my other Doctor Who patterns including big and mini doctor plushies ^_^


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  1. Fantastic! What a great idea to make the Tardis as a Christmas ornament :)

  2. I have made three in the last few days you can see the latest iteration here. I added little felt windows and a little bit of sewing on the last two. http://www.flickr.com/photos/angels_have_the_phone_box/4172105257/

    You can see all three tardis tree decorations here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/angels_have_the_phone_box/sets/72157622391878729/

    Thanks so much Nys for sharing this pattern.

  3. not sure I understand the 5th round instructions to sc, dc, dc, sc all in the same stitch....is it two double crochets or is it the half double crochet decrease you refer to in the key..thanks for any reply