Cable crochet and new plushies

Sunday, December 27, 2009

I was intrigued by the idea of trying some cable crochet over the holidays, these are what I have been working on:

Cable crochet fingerless gloves! I adapted the pattern from this starter scarf pattern which took me a little while to understand. I hope to write up the pattern for these cable gloves in the next few days.

Yesterday I also worked on this David Tennant plushie in a brown suit. He turned out quite nicely I think :)

And before Christmas this little guy arrived in the snow!

Thanks so much to loppypop for sending in the photo! He would have never found snow here in Australia :)

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  1. I love your cute little versions of The Doctor :)

  2. Someday soon I'll order a Doctor from you as I just must have one!

  3. He's currently residing in the Christmas tree watching all of our lovely snow melt!

  4. I am not the crafter that you certainly are, but I tried my hand at your Doctors, plus the mini-TARDIS. I added little loops to their heads to make them into Christmas tree ornaments for my brother, the original Whovian in the family.

    As you can see, I made a few changes re: the curly hair. (It was already a steep learning curve for me!) And I experimented with hair for Nine... although some siblings thought it looked a lot link Two's bowl cut! I also had trouble with the instructions for the arms at first, so a few of them only have stubbies. (I have since figured it out, BTW.)

    In any case, THANK YOU! I had such fun, and they are insanely cute. The Fourth Doctor is my favourite, BTW. The hair! The coat! The scarf! I have a baby blanket to make next, but then I'll be back to making a set for myself. Hopefully by then, the "missing" Doctors will come home!

    Enjoy (and sorry for the long link):


  5. Oh my gosh! they are so completely awesome :D Thanks sooo much for sending me a link to all your wonderful pics of them :) Makes writing up the patterns so much more worthwhile!

    I love the wispy hair you've added, 4's is amazing! I love 9's hair too :) looks a lot more recognisable than mine I think :) I hope your brother liked them!

    Is it ok if I blog about these with a link to your album? I'll try and contact you a different way if this reply doesn't reach you :)

    thanks again!!