Christmas Gifts 09

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Now I've finally given my Christmas gifts, I can post them up here without fear of spoiling surprises :)

I knitted this pink and purple 'Dugong pretending to be a Shark' for my cousin. If you would like to make your own the pattern is available for purchase free from my patterns page or from Ravelry.

I made a circular scarf for my mum. Emily Kausalik’s pattern is a free download from Ravelry. An interesting fact about this project is that this yarn is partly made from milk!

I knitted this Rabbit Tracks scarf for my aunt. Pattern is available here (no login needed), and it looks quite different with thicker wool

These are the crochet fingerless gloves I made for my partner's mum :) I’ll be writing up the pattern soon

as well as these sets of crochet fingerless gloves for housemates. They gave me the wool for my birthday earlier in the year.

I'll also be making some more Doctor plushies in the next few days for orders. Please contact me if you'd like to request one.

Hope everyone has had a lovely Christmas!

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