My very own Orthanc

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Well I've moved house!
It was a long week full of heavy bits of furniture, carrying bags up stairs and scrubbing of floors in the old house :( But Tim and I are in our nice new apartment and almost unpacked :D

It's a lot bigger than I remembered, but as it's not quite finished, the lack of blinds and aircon is killing us this week (stupid Melbourne heat!)

Above is the angled view outside my bedroom window. I seem to have my own Tower of Orthanc which will go nicely with my Lord of the Rings themed crochet but doesn't actually look very nice - being so grey and un-tree-ish :( I think the tower is actually a big water feature - so great for our water restrictions :|

I am working on lots of custom orders at the moment, including this Dugong in Disguise with a grey fin (he's looking out my new bedroom window here), and some more David Tennant plushies.

I'm also super happy to be back at the library after my holiday :D

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