Resin origami bangle

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

So much to blog about having been afk for a week or two!

Here's my first attempt at a resin bangle - I'm really happy with how it turned out! I've always been one for origami, so I made up 5 cranes from silver wrapping paper, embedded them in clear resin and brushed a little blue dye across the top of the mold, which happened to sink down really nicely!

And look! Marina has made Doctor Whos from all my patterns!
Thanks Marina for sending me these pics! Made my day!

I love the hair on her Tom Baker!

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  1. Cool bangle! You could make other things embedded in resin, like things to hang on a wall or you could probably even make the top of a lamp table or coffee table out of poured resin with things in em. The possibilities...

  2. thanks :)
    yeah! kim let me borrow a book on it, and it had a whole bathtub made of resin with flowers and stuff embedded in it :)
    book also says it heats up to amazing temperatures if you are working with a large volume, so you have to be really careful

  3. Wow! It made *my* day to see you post my pics. Thanks so much.

    BTW, I saw your Flickr pics of the Sixth Doctor and I am VERY EXCITED for the pattern to be published. Keep up the wonderful work!

    Thanks again,


  4. yay :) that's ok - i wanted to feature them!
    So how did you get Tom's hair so curly? :D He's so cute!

  5. Oh, I totally cheated with the hair... I bought it from a craft store (well, a dollar store, really). I did the same for Patrick's white curls. I know the limits of my skill (and my time) and I took the easy way out!

    BTW, what part of Australia are you from? I am in Canada, but have relatives in Adelaide. I got to visit many years ago and would love to return... If I can just forget the 24-hour flight!